Generation C: Empowered, Engaged, Entitled

They’re digital savvy, highly engaged and they want their voices to be heard. They expect that you understand their needs, know what they want, when they want it and how they want it. Generation C is an influential new consumer type in culture and commerce. 65% are under 35 but they span the generations, empowered by technology to search out genuine content that they consume across all platforms and all screens, whenever and wherever they want. They demand higher service, competitive prices, and fast delivery and when they don’t get what they want, their friends, followers and fans hear all about it.


Meet Generation C: A Digital Marketers worst nightmare, or greatest opportunity.


Reaching these powerful new consumers is hard work, but it’s also a key opportunity for companies that truly comprehend them.


What makes them such an important asset to a brand?


Technology is seamlessly integrated throughout Gen C life. They live in the present tense, connecting across all screens, all the time, everywhere. 59% say the internet is their main source of entertainment and 38% turn to their phone first when they want to be entertained, with 66% spending the same amount of time or more time watching online videos compared to TV. They haven’t abandoned traditional TV viewing altogether, but they have augmented it with shares, ‘likes’, +1s, comments and retweets, all of which add to the first screen viewing experience. Always on and always interacting, 55% say they’re connected to 100 or more people through social sites, while 15% are connected to 500+ people.


The act of creating has become second nature to Gen C, but they’re selective, only adding something when they think it’s relevant and they can have an impact. Eighty-three percent of Gen C have posted a picture they took but only 42% post pictures every week, while 65% have uploaded a video they created, but only 25% upload videos every week.

Google+ Consumer Insights Lab Generation C Study (Google/Sterling 2013)


How to Leverage Gen C


  1. Brands need to change the way they engage and interact with this new consumer type by recognising traditional methods of segmentation and engagement  strategies need to be updated.
  2. For a majority of this group, their whole life is plastered over the internet. Learn about your market, identify influential key stakeholders and use this data to create tailored meaningful content/messages.
  3. Obliterate silos and ensure all channels are working in one harmonious rhythm.
  4. Research their touch-points and sales decision-making process.


Embrace consumer generated content, understand how it is used, and seek to leverage these developments to build your brand.

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