Social Media

We develop Social Media strategy, build creative content and monitor social media platforms. We develop interactive spaces for our clients to engage their consumers on well-integrated social platforms that maximise reach and influence. Our thoughtful approach allows us to raise awareness for brands, grow fan communities, and increase fan involvement. We spark conversations between brands and people that build deeper relationships. Using online listening, we gain insight into your customers’ desires, behaviours and how they perceive your brand. We use this knowledge to develop a unique tone for your brand’s personality. This is the launch pad from which we create and spread relevant content across social communities, moving your brand from just talking, to being talkable.

We develop relevant and highly engaging content

We develop relevant and highly engaging content


Connect with your audience 

Connect with your audience 


Content Planning & Execution

We empower brands to activate their most important communities of interest by identifying the people, places and content they need to engage to meet measurable business objectives. We architect all digital content to encourage sharing, accessibility and feedback. We help you engage in social media by having meaningful conversations with people and igniting positive word of mouth. We do this through influencer campaigns, conversation platforms, advocacy programmes, community building and management, social applications, conversation response and reputation management.

Influencer Marketing

We handle all aspects of your influencer marketing experience, from identifying influencers, all communication, shipping products, and analysing the results of each campaign, so you are always on the leading edge of influencer marketing. Tangible is the expert on building effective influencer marketing and social strategies. Let us help you develop the best system to achieve your goals and grow your social audiences.


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