Emerging Technology

We don’t see limits, just challenges we have yet to solve. Tangible uses emerging technology to create practical new business platforms and user experiences. We are well versed in ‘next generation’ technology trends that determine how people will connect to devices, interact, and share data. And then we build software and user experiences on top of the latest hardware and gadgets to provide clients with a customised, intuitive user experience. Thorough planning, seamless delivery and ongoing support. Our team keep one step ahead of the latest cutting-edge emerging technologies in order to find the best-fit solution for your project. Whether your business requires an off-the-shelf platform or bespoke system tailored uniquely to your business needs our experts will guide you every step of the way.

Digital experiences that push boundaries

Digital experiences that push boundaries


Bring your ideas to life

Bring your ideas to life


Insight, Innovation & Strategy

Our insights-driven strategies and R&D-powered expertise enable us to create novel technology-enabled solutions customised for your specific digital marketing needs. Our process in rapidly prototyping concepts—while actively testing them—empowers your brand, marketing and sales teams—and drives performance across all channels.

Technology that powers digital-first businesses

Tangible is passionate about delivering innovative projects and seeing our clients succeed. We rapidly experiment, design, prototype & build products and services that put our clients ahead of the competition. Have an idea and need to bring it to life? Tangible will take you from concept to solution, assisting with mobile strategy, platform selection, creative design, branding, content and marketing. We are more than happy to sign an NDA to give you peace of mind that your intellectual property is secure, and if you are looking for investors; we may even jump on board.


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