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The growth opportunities which exist through eCommerce – be it desktop, mobile, tablet or Smart TV – are enormous for businesses, regardless of sector. At Tangible, we know what makes online customers tick, and we understand how to deliver the experiences which attract browsers, and which turn browsers into buyers and repeat customers. Every commerce project is different, but one thing is constant: the website is just the start. We work strategically, considering your company’s position in its category, your competitors, the best ways to integrate your site with retail locations, and what role mobile and social media can play.

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A deep understanding of business goals and strategic insights turns visitors into buying customers and inspires ecommerce sites that are shoppable, seamless and scalable. Through early modeling and the build and management of digital tools, we design smarter transactions that drive lift and build brands. We customise flexible, powerful solutions to help you maximise sales. We leverage marketing and technology best practices to solve our clients’ problems. We employ the latest technologies to develop quality ecommerce solutions that are scalable for less and provide results.

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We bring conversion to every content marketing campaign. We begin by understanding your goals and audience, which allows us to create custom content with your target market in mind. It’s about more than attracting visitors. Effective content marketing attracts the right audience, informs their interests and converts prospects into paying customers. As a full service content marketing agency, we guide you through the entire process. We are more than happy to sign an NDA to give you peace of mind that your intellectual property is secure, and if you are looking for investors; we may even jump on board.

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Tangible | Digital Agency Sydney | Web Design & Strategy