8 Seconds and you have missed the boat. Instant Digital Gratification

Digital Marketing in 2017 is all about the instant consumer. Today, time is our most precious resource. A glance is all you get. In today’s fast paced society, everyone is searching for instant digital gratification, and moments are all you have to state that need. Customers today are seasoned multi-taskers, moving from smartphone to tablet to laptop up to 21 times in 1 hr. In these crucial moments, consumers decide whether they’ll buy into your brand or check out completely. After that, engagement drops drastically.


Because of this, marketers must compete for something more precious than completion of the marketing funnel stages. They need to compete for attention in an environment flooded with content not only created by humans, but journalistic algorithms that are capable of producing basic articles. Creating evocative content that resonates with the target audience has always been key to achieving business objectives and developing a successful digital marketing strategy. Whether its initiatives like Googles AMP Project or Facebooks Instant Articles, publishers are reacting to this trend and users are rejoicing. (Instant Articles, which are designed to load faster than mobile web articles, get opened 20% more often and shared 30% more often than their mobile web counterparts).


The key to relevance lies in traditional marketing principles, but takes on a new-world digital experience spin. Ultimately, it’s about shaping digital content to match what you know about your customer and managing that content on the channels where they are most likely to meet you. Tailoring your message to individual customers or groups is a powerful way to stand out among the noise. According to MarketingProfs, personalised promotional emails and personalised online advertising techniques are among the top tactics for prompting consumers to purchase.

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