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We design, build, and support enterprise WordPress websites in Sydney. WordPress is an open-source website publishing system that has become one of the most popular content management systems in the world. We are passionate about WordPress as a platform because it offers a variety of features and functionality with a large network of active developers. We help companies grow their online presence through custom WordPress web design & development. We specialise in WordPress development of customised themes and plugins to create WordPress websites based on design files. We also integrate new features and web applications into existing WordPress websites. As a leading Sydney WordPress development agency, we combine expert knowledge with technology to help your business grow. Our Sydney web designers create beautiful, responsive WordPress websites with engaging user experiences. We design, code and build websites from the ground up following a collaborative design and development process. Our experienced web designers and web developers have extensive industry knowledge and are experts at developing bespoke WordPress websites that achieve results.

Custom WordPress Design

Custom WordPress Design


WordPress eCommerce

WordPress eCommerce


Integration and 3rd party tools

The possibilities are endless. So are the integration points. Thanks to an active open source community, WordPress features and functionality are always expanding. Tangible’s expert WordPress developers will select, install and even build plugins to make sure your site works with your existing systems. WordPress API Integration allows us to connect external applications to your WordPress site via an API, enabling the interaction of booking platforms, job boards, payment gateways, interactive maps, video and CRM systems.

Custom-Built vs. Template WordPress Websites

After making the decision to build a new WordPress website, you may be wondering whether it is possible to save money by using templates. There are many different types of templates for pages and whole sites that can help you save time and money in building your site. The real question, however, is if these templates will suit your goals or not? Multi-purpose WordPress themes have a goal to allow customers to build any type of website they need, from Lawyers to personal to e-commerce solutions. While this may sound ideal, it is anything but. There’s a whole lot of nasty when you draw back the veil and see what’s going on in the back-end. The majority of templates fail to follow the basics of SEO and HTML standards like proper use of H tags, minification of css/javascript, and clean HTML. Because of the fact that off the shelf themes aren’t built for specific needs, and need to appeal to a wide range of customers, the codebase is always bloated. There are times when an off the shelf theme does have a case for use, but majority of the time, custom-built wordpress themes is the way go.


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