Enhanced cyber security

To minimise cyber security risk, being able to rapidly identify and respond to attacks is essential. Hackers are constantly looking for security flaws they can use to compromise sensitive information or steal personal data for financial gain, or to cause havoc and disruption for businesses all over Australia. Our reliance on web technologies has caused us to become exposed to security risks, resulting in cyber-attacks against websites and web apps continue to be one of the most common causes of data breaches against organisations. Our certified cybersecurity consultants are the best in the biz. Tangible offers comprehensive Ethical Hacking security assessment services that address compliance and IT security risks on an enterprise-wide basis.

Identify potential risks and vulnerabilities to electronic protected information.

Identify security architecture weaknesses and potential vulnerabilities in other security controls.

Review the security controls in place and suggest actionable solutions to mitigate gaps.

Web application security testing & Vulnerability management

Web application security testing & Vulnerability management

Managed threat detection & response 24/7 CyberSoc service

Managed threat detection & response 24/7 CyberSoc service

Penetration Testing

Ethical hacking is the identification and exploitation of security vulnerabilities for the purpose of improving an organisation’s cyber security. Ethical hacking helps organisations improve their security status by uncovering exposures that are beneath the surface and providing support to address them. Penetration testing is regularly used by organisations as part of their ongoing security strategy/program. It is a security exercise that involves our ethical hacking team launching up to date real world attacks against either your security infrastructure, web, and/or mobile applications. We report back on the findings and how to remediate any identified vulnerabilities, this will allow you to better understand your security gaps, current security risk profile and practical steps for improvement..

Website Vulnerability Testing / Assessment  

Website vulnerability testing is one of the many ways of assessing and securing your website against potential threats. It is a process that finds various security flaws in your systems. We provide actionable and prioritised recommendations advising you on the most effective next step to increase your organisation’s security maturity. As one of Sydney’s leading providers of cyber security and consultancy services, Tangible is well placed to help your organisation assess and improve its information security.


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