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eCommerce growth continues to rise in 2017, and whilst the benefits presented by competing in the online marketplace are great . The low barriers to entry and the fact consumers can switch providers effortlessly means those that fall behind when it comes to customer experience and pricing strategy will struggle to be profitable. We continue to see the benefits and endless blog posts praising the benefits of “going online”, however retailers are noting the profits

The glamorous allure of starting an online shop is becoming more rampant, however, often people create a website, do some promotions, and then wonder why there is no treasure chest at the end of the rainbow. Did you know that 90% of e-commerce projects fail? So what makes the difference between success and failure when it comes to online retail? Firstly, determine what is going to be your point of differentiation. Having a few extra lines of

Ever had that sneaking suspicion you are being followed on the internet. No it’s not a glitch in the Matrix, that black cat was the same one you saw 2 minutes ago on another site. As users, we move through our Internet experiences unaware of the churning subterranean machines powering our web pages with their cookies and pixels trackers, their tracking code and databases. If your like me and you’ve started the day of reading

Your digital marketing strategy should change with the times, but often, businesses get stuck using the same tactics over and over – even if they don’t provide the kind of results we’re looking for. But the great thing about digital marketing strategies is that you can change them quickly – today, even. Here are a few ways that you can update your digital marketing strategy right now. Do a quick audit of your social media profilesIf

It is unbelievable how UX is undervalued and overlooked by many businesses and whole industries altogether. UX is one of those things you may not pay attention to when it’s done well. It’s when a UX is poorly developed that you start to notice. You might compare it to city planning. For example, you only notice how well Brisbane’s cityscape is laid out if you’ve been to a place like Sydney. Brisbane’s design is logical

Digital Marketing in 2017 is all about the instant consumer. Today, time is our most precious resource. A glance is all you get. In today’s fast paced society, everyone is searching for instant digital gratification, and moments are all you have to state that need. Customers today are seasoned multi-taskers, moving from smartphone to tablet to laptop up to 21 times in 1 hr. In these crucial moments, consumers decide whether they’ll buy into your

Google is experimenting with a new initiative that lets certain people and brands post their own search result directly. The unnamed experiment by Google features a design like the Google Now cards and show details directly from the concerned people or businesses in real time. The feature, which shows a search box with links to posts by the brand, is not yet visible globally.Search expert Mike Blumenthal spotted the feature for a jewellery seller named Andrew Jewelers and added

High digitally engaged small businesses are 2 x more likely to be growing revenue The online world opens up huge opportunities for small business, but less than 1 in 5 have high digital engagement. According to a Deloitte Access Economics report, Connected Small Businesses, Small businesses making full use of the internet with high digital engagement enjoy better business outcomes, with a 20% increase in annual revenue. It’s a no-brainer, and small businesses that don’t have an online presence are in danger

They’re digital savvy, highly engaged and they want their voices to be heard. They expect that you understand their needs, know what they want, when they want it and how they want it. Generation C is an influential new consumer type in culture and commerce. 65% are under 35 but they span the generations, empowered by technology to search out genuine content that they consume across all platforms and all screens, whenever and wherever they

Augmented reality (AR) is cutting-edge technology that allows for a digitally enhanced view of the real world. With the camera and sensors in a smartphone or tablet, AR adds layers of digital information – videos, photos, sounds – directly on top of items in the world around us. AR is nothing new to digital marketing circles, having been around for a very long time. However, the capabilities and applications have improved immensely, so why does it